Megan joined the BE team in 2016 and is the Firm’s newest promoted Partner. Not only does she consistently provide 5-star client service but also exuberates a one-firm mindset, which is foundational to the success of our firm.

For more than 15 years, Megan has worked with public and private companies in both the public accounting and private sectors. Her role at Brown Edwards focuses on assurance and accounting within the sectors of energy, mining, and manufacturing.

She earned her Bachelor’s degree in business with a concentration in accounting from Emory and Henry College and is a licensed CPA in the state of Virginia. She is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and the Virginia Society of Certified Public Accountants (VSCPA) and has been named to the Tri-Cities Business Journal 40 Under 40 class of 2022.

We interviewed Megan to really get to know her, outside of her profession, and we were surprised to learn that she used to clog and didn’t stop until she was 6 months pregnant with her oldest daughter. She also told us there are a bunch of cloggers in our Bristol office.


Where are you from and where did you grow up?

I’m from a small town in Pulaski County called Draper. 


What are some of your hobbies?

At this stage of my life, my hobbies include running my two kiddos to practices and competitions, and I love every minute of it!


What do you consider your best quality or trait?

I am a people person. I love to be around people and get to know them and what makes them tick!


What is the best advice you ever received and from who?

One of my former bosses once told me that it is a strength to admit your weaknesses. He said in order to learn and grow, you have to admit you don’t know it all. I’ve kept that piece of advice close to me throughout my life and I’m not afraid to admit what I’m good at….and what I’m not so good at. It’s also why I surround myself with a good team!


If you could be a superhero what would be your superpower?

I would love to be a time traveler! How cool would that be?!


What is your favorite food?

Give me


What do you think is your biggest contribution to the Brown Edwards team?

My positive energy is a great asset to the BE team. I don’t think anyone grows up dreaming of becoming an auditor, but I also don’t think being an auditor has to be so hum-drum. I strive to always work hard and bring positive energy to make the workday enjoyable for my team, my clients, and myself.


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