COVID-19 and recent worldwide events have spotlighted the need to address societal inequities and to embrace, seek and celebrate diversity as well as support equity and inclusion within the workplace and society in general.

Earlier this year, our leadership team began the process of building an internal task force that will work together to evaluate and ensure that our firm does all it can to facilitate a diverse work environment. Our leadership team is passionate about this new initiative and views it as instrumental to the growth and long-term sustainability of the firm.

“I’ve always felt that DEI needed to be a focus within public accounting and I’m very pleased that leadership at BE is strongly supporting this initiative. Ensuring that our firm is a place where every team member feels they can bring their true selves to work and where their ideas and individuality are celebrated and supported is extremely important.”

Leslie Roberts, Partner and DEI Task Force Leader

The invitation to join the DEI Task Force was distributed firm-wide and current employees with a passion for change were selected. The DEI Task Force focuses on:

  • Researching DEI strategies
  • Recruiting and retaining a diverse workforce without discrimination or bias
  • Make DEI training consistent, pervasive, and mandatory to enhance awareness and understanding of DEI issues
  • Improving the diversity of our staff and clientele, while being transparent about our progress

“Focusing on DEI will create positive work environments, build stronger internal and external relationships, diversify networking opportunities, and cultivate a workplace where everyone can provide value-driven insights from all different perspectives.”

– Laura Sprouse, COO

With this initiative underway, we are committed to being transparent throughout our journey to create a diverse and inclusive workplace for our current and future team members.